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- Blocks up to 98% of the radiant heat
- To be attached on the building you want to protect
- Eyelets every meter around the edge for quick mounting
- Delivered in a smartbag and requires no maintenance
- If kept in the smartbag the fire blanket has a lifetime warranty
- Can be used multiple times

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Size: 4 x 6 m | Weight: 15 kg

Suitable for:
Buildings or places that you need to protect from radiant heat. For example:
Perfect for listed building areas · Communities · Industry and buildings threatend by forest fire.

How to use:

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Can be attached as followed:

- Hang the fire sail in carbines from metal gutters.
- Nail or staple the fire sail to any wooden wall.
- Hang the fire sail with fire ropes.
- Hang the fire sail with carbine sand steel wires to create aself-hanging firewall.

The size is perfect for one and two floor buildings.
One floor building: Use the short length up. Two floor building: Use the long length up.

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