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- Controls fire in any car within seconds
- The most efficient solution for isolating fire in electric cars
- Suitable for all vehicles including SUVs, like XC90 and Land Rover
- Delivered in a smartbag and requires no maintenance
- If kept in the smartbag the fire blanket has a lifetime warranty
- Can be used up to 30 car fires

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Size: 6 x 8 m | Weight: 28 kg

Suitable for:
Those who benefit from reusable fire blankets for example:
Professional fire fighters Civil defense Emergency services etc.

How to use:

Handled by: 2

1. Place the fire blanket on the ground in front or back of the car and roll it out.

2. Both grab your handle and pull the fire blanket safely over the car in one continuous movement.

3. Make sure the fire blanket is tight to the ground. Wait at least 20 minutes and let professional firefighters remove the fire blanket.

Fire in electric cars:

If you can hear strong fuzz sounds about every 2-15 seconds, you have athermal runaway. Leave the fire blanket on until the sound stops. Thermalrunaway is a small fire that goes from cell to cell. The fire blanket will preventthe small fire from spreading elsewhere in the car.

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